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I think Gary would do well to hike over to UD,  where nightlight is expounding something like intelligence built into the fabric of the universe.

There are hazards,  of course. Nightlight disagreed with KF on something and is now complaining about being moderated.

Intelligence built into the fabric of the universe is a thousands of year old concept.  Any scientific leads yet?

It's one of those big-questions that inherently teases humanity towards science. I'm not worried about that debate going away, any time soon.

So the molecules store information and do data processing in the 'fabric of the universe' somewhere?

Since it is a thousand years old concept, it must be true and conform to your ideas, for your personal use?

All right, I get it. You assume there is free intelligence available everywhere both around and inside. Any atom or molecule taps into that intelligence and freely uses it for whatever purpose the molecule may have in mind. But that mind is of course not the molecule's own mind, it is tapping into the great universal mind. That's the mind you use when you are daydreaming your model.

But why don't we see mindful atoms everywhere, not just in biology?

ETA more text.

I work on molecular systems with pathway charts and such. Whatever system you're trying to describe, does not appear to be one of them.

You are ineffectually messing about with your own weird misconceptions of what molecules can and cannot do.

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