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Quote (GaryGaulin @ April 12 2013,03:21)
Quote (Quack @ April 11 2013,07:55)
It occured to me the other say that snakes have done the right thing. They have evolved to become great survivors. Done away with legs and useless appendages, and are as comfortable in water as on dry land, and don't need much in the way of food.

And what an impressive method of locomotion!

That's evolution, and I am certain it is predicted by Gary's grand theory.

Changing the subject to snakes and “evolution” does not help explain how “intelligent cause” works. But knowing the certain features found in all common cognitive models is a prerequisite for understanding how the “intelligent” part works, which in turn very much helps explain how “intelligent cause” works, so I'll by working on that, not a red-herring.

Giggles, you ought to read the "Knocking Out Evolution" thread at The Skeptical Zone.

Complexes of fitness functions, plus replication with variation,  serve very well as your "intelligent causation"!

EVERYTHING you're apparently trying to do has been done before and better - on the one hand by robotics and AI researchers, and on the other by biologists.

On the evolutionary tree of science development, Giggles, you're out on a very slender twig which has already dropped off and is spiralling into the ground..

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