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Quote (midwifetoad @ Mar. 21 2013,09:26)
Let me get this straight. Millions and perhsps billions are being spent to suppress Gary's ideas, and yet the Fellows at DI have fat salaries., and Ken Ham gets wealthy with his freakshow museum?

And meanwhile has unlimited microphone time here with which to explain his ideas, but he chooses to spend his time ranting rather than explaining.

How's BioComplexity coming along, Gary?

Yeah, that creation "museum".

I believe I'm right in saying that AiG lost a little money on that in the last financial report. Let's hope the trend accelerates downward.

Mind you, Ken was handsomely paid and expensed, and the damn' "museum"  (or AiG at large) seems to employ most of his immediate family, but doesn't pay them all that well.

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