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Roland Anderson

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 28 2011,11:52   

Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Nov. 28 2011,11:24)
Roland: just go check what's going on at Bunnygate. See people first cheering PZ for his postion, then all of a sudden make a 180 turn because some regular points something they have missed that endangers the "dogma". Even PZ is getting tired of this, it seems...

ETA: this is, of course, not fundamentalist atheism, but fundamentalist/radical feminism, which IMO has nothing to do with skepticism or atheism. That's another battle. Read Marcotte, and then cry...

I've read a fair bit of Bunnygate and I can't see cultish behaviour I'm afraid. Point something specific out and tell me why it's cultish. In so doing you will need to address the substance of what's being said, as I need hardly add that if what someone is saying is true and can be backed up by evidence, then this is a good defence against accusations of cultishness.

Fundamentalist feminism eh? Sorry, you'll need to back that one up too. Unless you can point to someone arguing furiously that X is true because Simone de Beauvoir said X and not providing any other justification - and furthermore being supported by the rest of the commentariat who try to silence everyone else -  then I'm afraid it's not going to fly.

Why do you dislike what you see as "fundamentalist feminism"? If you're interested in pursuing this line, give me some examples of what you mean and why you don't like it - from Pharyngula if you like. I'm curious as to your reasoning. Feel free to ignore me if you like though :-)

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