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Quote (Dr.GH @ Nov. 21 2011,23:50)
Quote (Southstar @ Nov. 21 2011,14:02)

Just a quick question, before I get into this topic on the front line.

I'm damn sure that in the end they will say something along the lines of: Well if you know all the ingredients and you know all the conditions why not recreate it in a lab. make a life form without using existing dna or pieces from living things.


"The first 3 or 4 pages are about why the origin of life has nothing to do with the validity of evolutionary theory.

The rest show that there is no insurmountable barrier to the natural origination of life.

Any god could do the job in much less trouble than we know actually has taken place. Unless that is, if you are a theistic evolutionist. In that case, goddidit no matter how. That is actually OK with me.


Don't get me wrong I fully understand what you mean. But a logical argument could be made along the lines of:

Well even if you have, all the ingridients of a recipe, you don't really have a way of backing the cake. But worse you don't even know what cake you are baking or even if it is a cake at all.

The devils advocate.

"Cows who know a moose when they see one will do infinitely better than a cow that pairs with a moose because they cannot see the difference either." Gary Gaulin

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