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Quote (forastero @ Nov. 03 2011,19:53)
Wow! You you cut off your own scriptures to save your face.

You ignorance of the nature of the Tripitaka and its contents is manifest.  No Buddhist in the world accepts all of Buddhist scripture.  The Tripitaka is a collection.  Imagine that Christian scripture, in addition to the the Bible also contained the works of Arius, Nestorius, John Chrysostom, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin and Joseph Smith.  Nobody accepts all of that.  Buddhists use the parts of the Tripitaka that they personally find useful, and ignore the other parts.  Again, I will remind you that it is unwise to assume that Buddhism approaches things in the same way as Christianity.

Bottom line is that Buddhism references Messianic prophecy.

The Messiah is a Jewish concept, not a Buddhist one.  The Maitreya Buddha is not a Messiah.  Prophecies of the Maitreya have no connection to Jewish prophecies of the Messiah.

The phenotypic plasticity of epigentiic immunity (also referred to as the biological arms race) is another way of explaining the Hebrew war against the Canaanites.. This magnificently designed system sends out macrophages (myocytes, monocytes etc..) to encapsulate and destroy cells infected by antigens, viruses, bacteria etc..

Canaanites such as the Amalakites and the Mycenaean Greeks were given over to very depraved lifestyles such as fornication,necrophilia, bestiality, coprophillia, rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, incest,, pedophilia, and human sacrifices. Thus it is more than likely that all the beast and children were slaughtered to prevent the spread of not only deadly behavior, but STDs. Lev 18:03-26.The Hebrews and other peoples of the Exodus were the immune system of God's creation and emerged from that immune cell known as the Ark, which inhabited that cleansing Flood--that great apoptosis which removed the malignant killers of the trees and megafauna

Is it just me, or is this meaningless word-salad?  forastero makes more sense when he is copying from Wikipedia.


The ultimate truth is that there is no ultimate truth.

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