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Hi Nick

Yes please can we get a textbook on Macro-evolutionís facts!

Iíll make it easy for you;

1.) I want to see a step by step process of the evolution of the lung system.

2.) Step by step process of the evolution of the heart.

3.) Step by step process of the sexual reproductive system.

4.) When did survival of the fittest kick in? With the first single cell organism or later? How did they know that survival is key?

5.) How does natural selection select? If something is not in the search space how does it find stuff that is not there? Or has everything always been there?

6.) If Random mutations are 90% bad most of the time why are we here? is 1% good enough to go from a single cell to a complex organism such as a human? Is this scientifically possible?

7.) How did the feathers evolve?

8.) How did animals evolve from cold blooded to warm blooded?

Your most valuable scientific facts will be greatly appreciated.

Good Luck!


And at UD Andre asks brilliant questions!

I particularly like #4

Take that, evilushunists!

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