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AFDave (as Dave Hawkins) has recently been infesting TalkRational.

His latest thing is that he can feed 9 billion people with mob-stocking grass-fed beef, (never mind those that won't eat beef for religious/cultural reasons) grass-fed milk, and honey (which cures everything, apparently)

In spite of sterling efforts by TalkRats, he denies utterly that ~ 75% of the world population is lactose intolerant - 'cos that's genetic, that is, and genetics is not Godly.

He now regards himself as an agricultural expert (he has 4 horses. a cow and a calf - a pretty cheap and measly effort for one who describes himself as a millionaire) ) and is doing the rounds of the Prophets of Sustainable Farming  - All you Need is Woodchips and Bullshit.

He took umbrage at Talkrats asking for facts and figures about his plan to feed the world (and asking why grass-fed milk wouldn't affect lactose intolerant people), and flounced off - I think to infest some forum where organic gardeners go

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