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Quote (keiths @ June 30 2012,17:26)
Quote (Texas Teach @ June 29 2012,17:50)
Quote (Doc Bill @ June 29 2012,19:11)
And another ID award recipient from an undisclosed secret location:

an award honoring college graduates for excellence in student advocacy of intelligent design (ID) the "Casey Luskin Graduate Award."

The first recipient of said award was ... Casey Luskin!

So, not only do the Discoveryoids publish their own journals and books but they invent awards that they give to themselves.  Cool.

I can see the list now:

The Dembski Award for Job Acquisition
The O'leary Writing Words Award for Understanding
The Byers Award for Cryptozoology
The Cordova Award for Ethical Interpersonal Conduct
The Mullings Award for Constitutional Crisis Resolution

The Berlinski Award for Humility and Concision

Gallien Award for IOW, Ya Know, Assface, "Tunie" Pic, Therefore ID

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