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Someone challenges KF to stand up and be counted:  
I would be interested to see such, if it exists.

I agree and I am glad to see that eigenstates response was cross posted at Elizabeth Liddles site here. It certainly seems odd that his reply didn’t get through here although I see that several people have attempted to post links from this thread to eigenstates reply for you and others to see. Unfortunately is seems those comments have also disappeared.

We could be uncharitable to eigenstate and conclude that he didn’t actually post his reply here, but simply claimed to have, then claimed to have been banned in order to smear the moderators of this blog. But as you charitably pointed out it could also be a simple error on his part, or an error in the site – I would imagine that given Mr Arringtons statement above that eigenstate would be given the right to post the first comment, some system would have been put in place for this thread to place all comments in moderation until eigenstates appeared in the que, and could be published. Perhaps this system was to blame.

On the other hand we have the problem of commentators linking to eigenstates reply being banned, and the comments vanishing. We might infer from this that Mr Arrington is being less than honest, perhaps even that he simply decided to pretend that eigenstate never posted a reply in order to smear eigenstate. It would be truly sad if this were the case and I hope that distinguished contributors like yourself would be brave enough to stand up to this type of behaviour – although I understand that it would probably get you banned as well (assuming that the inference about Mr Arrington was correct of course).

With that in mind I will try an experiment – posted below is eigenstates reply, which he claimed to have posted here already. If this post of mine disappears, and I am banned, we have more reason to infer that Mr Arrington is, for whatever reason, playing games rather than pursuing honest debate. In which case I would encourage you to try the experiment yourself, post eigenstates reply here, and see if it (and perhaps you) remain on this site!


Eigenstates reply was included, and a link to it on Elizabeths site.

Barry is probably asleep right now, hopefully that will mean the comment persists long enough for KF and others to have good look.

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