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Quote (NormOlsen @ Nov. 04 2011,01:54)
I think Denyse was looking for any excuse to ban Dr. Bot as he was scoring some major points against the resident blow-hard KF.  I wonder how long Elizabeth Liddle will last?

Denyse also deleted a comment of mine (with no explanation); I was simply remarking how comical it was that she use "we" to refer to herself in her "news" posts.  Somewhat Gollumesque.

What a shame. It would be nice if a surviving sock could point out to DeNews just what the smiley in DrBots post was intended to signify, and ask if KF is also banned for lying, and which is a worse sin - lying, or joking about legal action - but I guess that would risk another banning.

DrBot is, I imagine, very unhappy about this!

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