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Quote (Henry J @ Oct. 29 2011,00:33)

Q In fact, intelligent design takes no position on the age of the earth or when biological life began.

A That's correct.

You know, somehow I've wound up with the impression that the position taken by "intelligent design" depends on who you hear it from (and sometimes also on who they happen to be talking to at the time).

That's probably because the 'position' taken by ID-pushers does depend on who you hear it from and who they happen to be talking to at the time. The real, true, core ideas of ID are God did it and evolution is just wrong; since there are occasional lingering legal restrictions which obstruct ID-pushers from promoting these core ideas (the first one in particular) explicitly and honestly, they must needs cloak it in different verbiage depending on the venue and audience. Since the goals of the ID movement are political and cultural, it's hardly surprising that ID-pushers' tactics make no sense under the presumption that ID is a scientific enterprise...

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