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19 William Dembski December 19, 2007 at 7:01 pm

ChristopherSaint: Give us more credit, please. My dad got his PhD in biology at the the University of Erlangen and my parents live in Germany. My uncle was a professor of ergnomics at the Technische Hochschule in at the time West Berlin. I know the scene in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. And I have read Ratzsch and Sober carefully ó Ratzsch spent a week in a six-week seminar that I conducted at Calvin College in 2000 to discuss his then forthcoming book. Although I like much about Mike Geneís book, he is an amateur at the philosophy of science. Thus I find those who like Mike try to argue that ID is valuable but not science as engaged in misconceived philosophy of science. Iíll probably write a paper on this sometime ó when I get time off from my scientific research with Bob Marksís Evolutionary Informatics Lab ( Forgive me for slipping this in, but where is the outcry from your colleagues about the suppression of this work?

Finally, I have and will continue to allow posts about global warming on this forum because the same forces to obfuscate science at work in the global warming debate are at work with the ID debate. I must say, I really grow tired of Europeans finding fault with this blog. I have yet to see anything cutting-edge supporting ID coming out of Europe (prove me wrong). Those like Cees Dekker, who might have contributed, have jumped ship. In any case, Iím fluent in German, so if you have any sites to which you would like to direct me, be my guest.

Where have i not heard similar statements before ten times over? I hadnt realized how many Dembski-drones inhabit the UD hive. GilDo's credentialed pedigree, O'Leary's 'CanadaWatch' and 'SuppressionAlerts', Joe G's 'research' and so on. I think they all were separated at birth, by design.

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