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Quote (Doc Bill @ Sep. 17 2011,17:13)
I understand that Crocker got the story from Michelle Bachmann who said that the mother of the student came up to her, crying, and told Bachmann that her daughter gave a presentation on "intelligent design" and now she's suffering from mental retardation and couldn't get into medical school.

Sad, really.

I posted a comment at that post asking if the story could be substantiated, but that seems to have disappeared. I re-posted the question.

I dont understand how she couldnt get into medical school.
According to Dr. Egnor, those institutions dont teach TOE because they find it irrelevant, and most doctors super-secretly believe in ID.

All women build up a resistance [to male condescension]. Apparently, ID did not predict that. -Kristine 4-19-11
F/Ns to F/Ns to F/Ns etc. The whole thing is F/N ridiculous -Seversky on KF footnote fetish 8-20-11
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