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There's only one person who is allowed to violate my slot and it isn't Ptaylor!   :angry:

But happy birthday anyway!

But the fact that it is Deadman is not a good thing! I mean, do you know what he does with squirrels?


PTaylor, Birthday, Happy. You know the drill.


Of course I know about the squirrel thing.  Who do think holds the little suckers down?  I've been assured that the squirrels actually like it but have been cautioned to still wear the welding gloves just in case.  

And given what you do with sheep, who are you to judge, Mister?  I know it's a time-honored tradition in the British Isles and all but we 'mericans frown upon such things*.

* Unless it's a horse.  And the horse likes it.  No, I will NOT include the link to the video clip.

The difference between the Rolling Stones and a Scot...

"Hey, you,  get off my cloud!"

"Hey, McCloud, get offa mah ewe!"

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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