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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 23 2011,03:27   

Quote (Kris @ Jan. 23 2011,03:18)
Quote (Dale_Husband @ Jan. 23 2011,01:01)

Uh, I thought you hated being called a liar. So why did you lie just now?

I didn't lie about anything. You, on the other hand......

You said, "maybe I should give [Dale's wife] a call and let her know you want to cheat on her." That was indeed lying. You were lying to everyone else in PT and threatening to lie to her. I never said I wanted to cheat on her. You have a really strange mind to come to that conclusion after reading my blog entries on polyamory, prostitution, and statutory rape. I was discussing legal and philosophical matters, not personal desires, you @$$hole!

If you need a man-made book to beleive in a God who is said to have created the universe, of what value is your faith? You might as well worship an idol.

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