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Kris said
It seems to me that if science were strong enough and popular enough, religious zealots wouldn't be much of a problem. I think that pushy religious zealots should be fought in court or in the media or politics, in the most effective way possible, but I also think that science should and could do a lot more to make itself trustworthy, accessible, interesting, understandable, honest, and popular.

What a delusion that is! Just like some (perhaps all) of religion itself is a delusion! Delusions by definition cannot be overcome by facts alone, but only by a  transformation of a human mind.

Science does well enough as it is. Concern trolls like Kris are liars, period.

If you need a man-made book to beleive in a God who is said to have created the universe, of what value is your faith? You might as well worship an idol.

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