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Quote (IBelieveInGod @ Jan. 06 2011,11:18)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Jan. 06 2011,11:10)
Quote (IBelieveInGod @ Jan. 06 2011,10:59)
Abortion? How many innocent babies have been killed since Roe v. Wade? try   49,551,703

Another red herring... abortion is done by Christians as well as non-Christians.

So, you think it's OK to murder doctors who perform abortions?

So, you think it's OK to perform violence, including murder, to prevent abortion... which is the law of the land*?

* And don't start on "God's Law supercedes Man's Law", don't forget that the Bible says you should follow the Law of the Land... or is that metaphorical too?

But abortion is a secular agenda, I have never seen abortion promoted by churches. You seem to think that just because there are Christians having abortions that it somehow makes not a secular agenda.

And no I don't agree with violence of any kind against abortion clinics, doctors, etc... So, tell me how many have been killed by violence against abortion clinics and doctors? I've already shown that over 49 million babies have been killed.

IBIG, you use the word "church" instead of Christian now.  I say a Christian is not a church.  Too many churches forget the meaning of Christ's message.

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