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Quote (fnxtr @ June 21 2010,14:34)
Quote (Quack @ June 20 2010,23:10)
I had a writer friend posit the idea once that rewrites are never as good as the original, even if it was just a rough draft. HA!

Maybe not quite the same thing, but no written text of mine ever approaches the clarity and stringency of the superbly worded chain of thought that triggered my attempt at writing it down; only to decide that the c**p isn't even publishable. So there.

I think what he was feeling but not saying was that editing and rewriting isn't nearly the rush of getting the idea in the first place.  Clarity? Many's the time I look and old notes and go, "Uh... what?"

Hmm, I guess it is a question of style - some of the writing I've been most pleased with has come out almost fully formed, for example I wrote my first 'proper' research paper in about 24 hours, showed it to my supervisor who told me it was about 98 percent complete. (it won best paper prize at a conference)

But then I wasn't writing about a new idea I had just had.

Sometimes when I've gone back to edit stuff it all goes wrong - then comes right if I just start at the beginning and type the whole thing again.

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