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Quote (fnxtr @ May 13 2012,12:14)
Quote (sledgehammer @ May 13 2012,09:26)
Quote (Quack @ May 13 2012,05:16)
Since reading the Playboy Magazine in the 1960's,  I've always thought of that as beaver shots, a great excuse when you're taking a gun along when going hunting.

Not to put too fine a point on it ( but this is the JoeG thread after all) in the 60's, we would have classified JoeG's contribution as "split beaver" (to over-extend the hunting analogy, what happens after the beaver was spotted and bagged).
Playboy, in the 60's, rarely showed pubic hair as a matter of policy until the early 70's, and never showed "split beaver".  Nowadays, you rarely see pubic hair at all, even on split beaver, except possibly as a "Brazilian" (beaver with a Mohawk).
 IMO, a pelt-less beaver in just another rodent, i.e. a naked mole-rat.

Grrr. Why do so many women want to look like underage porn stars? Meh. Maybe it's just a hygiene thing. I dunno.

tbh the thing that bugged me wasn't so much the shot as the misogynistic title.

Apart from the fact that he posted a link to an NSFW image without a warning of course, which is why he is banned.

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