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(Permalink) Posted: May 12 2012,08:02   

Quote (Febble @ May 12 2012,07:23)
Quote (Kattarina98 @ May 12 2012,02:05)
I found the meaning of "tunie".

I've bookmarked an array of slang dictionaries and need them daily; in grammar school, we didn't get beyond Macbeth.

Yeah, the link was to a female crotch shot.

I have suspended him and announced a rule against porn links, which he needs to undertake not to violate as condition of reinstatement.

Thanks for the heads-up - I guess I should have checked the link earlier.

Not that anyone had any doubts, but here are Joe's true colors, and his level of intellectual maturity, for all the world to see.  I would suggest forwarding copies of his original posts to all of the ID-friendly sites that permit joe to participate, and post their responses (or predictable lack thereof), so more people can see just how icky things are inside that "big tent" of theirs.

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