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(Permalink) Posted: May 11 2012,14:03   

Quote (Joe G @ May 11 2012,09:24)
Thanks for the bunnies- now time for your tunie:

(Porn image removed by a mod because JoeG is a child who can't act like a grown up.)

WTF is a tunie?  Does Joe have access to a special dictionary the rest of the world doesn't know about?  Because that word doesn't exist.

Neither does "galour", Joe.  But at least in that case you picked the least stupid misspelling of what you were trying to say, instead of a word that isn't a word at all.

What an offensive, brainless waste of space you are, Joe.  If you weren't so entertaining in your blustering, vacuous stupidity, you'd be of no use at all.

"Molecular stuff seems to me not to be biology as much as it is a more atomic element of life" --Creo nut Robert Byers
"You need your arrogant ass kicked, and I would LOVE to be the guy who does it. Where do you live?" --Anger Management Problem Concern Troll "Kris"

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