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Quote (The whole truth @ May 04 2012,12:13)
Quote (Richardthughes @ May 04 2012,08:05)
Joe's war on materialism continues, largely in moderation. This nugget still needs to be released :

Submitted on 2012/05/04 at 1:27 pm
Evidence- evidence is what materialism doesn’t have

Especially PHYSICAL evidence, Joe.

joe likes to believe in 'immaterial' things, like ghosts.

Awhile back he said that he would bet money that no one would spend a night in a haunted place of his choosing. I asked him to reveal the places and said that I would spend a night in any of them if he would actually pay up. Guess what? No response from him.

There is one haunted place where I wouldn't spend a night or a day or any other amount of time, for any amount of money: joe's delusional mind.

Dollars to donuts says that, had you actually followed through on your side of the bet, Dishonest Joe would have stiffed you on the grounds that you couldn't prove that the place that he had chosen was actually haunted.

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