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Quote (Joe G @ Mar. 15 2012,09:29)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Mar. 11 2012,17:58)
Quote (Joe G @ Mar. 11 2012,10:57)
Dude, buy a fucking vowel- archaeologists cannot say one fucking thing about the designers until they determine they even existed. And they do that by finding evidence of their existence via the determination of artifacts

And the only way they make any scientific determination about the designer(s) is by studying the design and the relevant evidence. That is what Intellignet Design is all about. And all the other questions prove that ID is not a dead-end as there are obviously unanswered questions that we will attempt to answer.

Stonehenge, made up of stones, stones mother nature can produce yet for some reason no one thinks mother nature produced Stonehenge. And after centuries of study we still don't know exactly who nor how...

I come back from a nice vacation to even more epic fail.

So, provide us the evidence that your 'designer' has existed.

Unfortunately for you, to eliminate circular reasoning, you can't use the things you claim are the designs as evidence of the designer.


Another dimbass response from the KevTARD-

How do we know there were designers of Stonehenge? Stonehenge is evidence there were designers of Stonehenge.

And again, dumbass, if you don't like the design inference just step up and demonstrate matter, energy, necessity and chance are all that is required.

Your position has all the power but unfortunately your position is full of cowards.

has joe ever posted anything, anywhere, which did not contain at least one spelling or grammar error/mistype?  is joe incapable of proofreading his own screeds? is perhaps his monitor too spittle-flecked from his angry screaming at interweb evotards to even make out the words he types?  is joe typing with his off hand because he's not just wanking all over the blogs he visits, but actually wanking?

inquiring minds couldn't possibly give half a stale cold shit.  ya know, iow, assface, blah blah blah.

"Molecular stuff seems to me not to be biology as much as it is a more atomic element of life" --Creo nut Robert Byers
"You need your arrogant ass kicked, and I would LOVE to be the guy who does it. Where do you live?" --Anger Management Problem Concern Troll "Kris"

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