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Joe finally explains his methodology regarding ticks and watermelon:

For example I now know that ticks are more attracted to watermelon rinds then they are to orange peels or orange slices.

How do you actually know that?

I basically live in the woods- well my house is located basically surrounded by trees- thousands of trees, bushes, vernal pools, a river down the road and a lake close by.

One day after a cookout I threw the watermelon rinds into the woods. A few days later I was walking the dog and took a look. When I flipped over several rinds they looked moldy- but the molds appeared to move. So I went and got a magnifying glass and took a closer look. The rinds were full of ticks!

Never heard of ticks and watermelon so I had to follow up on this. So I tried other fruit- oranges- in pretty much the same location (a few yards away) and nothing in three days. I removed the oranges and peels and put more watermelon rinds down in that location and a few days later more ticks.

So I dumped a bunch of Ortho Sevin on them- I can't stand ticks.

Now that is what I do to try to rid areas of ticks.

I haven't tried other fruits nor veggies as watermelon seems to do OK for my purposes- getting the ticks in one place and then selecting them for death.

I don't know what that does for my karma though.

Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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