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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 27 2010,18:17   

Quote (Joe G @ Nov. 25 2010,11:50)
Quote (Louis @ Nov. 25 2010,10:49)
Quote (Joe G @ Nov. 25 2010,16:44)

However it isn't worth posting that here because the people who run this septic tank have already changed my words- IOW this is a dishonest venuee and you chumps are proof of that.

Bolding mine.

Evidence or STFU.


The evidence is in the one thread I started.

The one I titled "ID is not anti-evolution" but some assface changed it.

IOW Louis you shut the fuck up you fuck...

Why are you such an asshole?  Seriously.  What made you into such an angry, bitter, nasty, mean-spirited, hateful person?  Why does the thought that you were not made all speshul-like upset you so much?  You have the same viceral, violent reaction to universally accepted evolutionary processes that your run-of-the-mill Bible-soaked fuckwit does.  Why is this?  If you hate this board and the people on it so much, why don't you just fuck off?  When I don't want to read something, I put it down.  If I don't want to watch a program, I turn off the television.  If I wanted to remain an ignorant shitbag I'd advocate ID/creationism instead of real science and call everybody who agrees with universally accepted science a liar and whatnot whilst failing to read the papers which support it this universally accepted science.  But that's just me.  Your motives are you own, I suppose.

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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