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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 04 2010,20:45   

Quote (Joe G @ Nov. 04 2010,20:26)
Quote (Wolfhound @ Oct. 29 2010,18:15)
Quote (Joe G @ Oct. 29 2010,07:50)
Quote (Wolfhound @ Oct. 28 2010,07:12)
Quote (SLP @ Oct. 27 2010,19:27)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Oct. 24 2010,15:22)
Such a sad little boy.

Joe even sucks at being an internet bully. He puffs up his chest, bangs away at his keyboard (the only banging he does, probably), and everyone just points and laughs.

Poor Joe.

A 150 lb bully?   :O

Damn, I'm 135 pounds and I bet *I* could whoop his ass.  Sadly, the first rule of Fight Club is that there is no Fight Club. :(

Bring it on flyboy...

Actually, that's flygirl, but okay.  I'm 5'10" and 135 pounds of lean, athletic muscle, plus I'm a size 34C lest you think you're dealing with a mere twig.  Former epee fencer and collegiate rugby player and I work out at least four days a week.  AND I'm good-looking.

So, that's my CV.  Let's go, doughbullyboy.

Flygirl? Well that would explain the hysterics and dimentia- you can't understand normal thinking.

Gosh, who knew?  He's a creationist retard AND a sexist.  Oh, wait, most good Christian men ARE sexist since the Sky Daddy tells them it's A-OK.

BTW, what's "dimentia"?  A condition involving ten cent pieces?

P.S.-- Your "comebacks" pretty clearly indicate your stunted mental and emotional state.  You should get out more.  No, wait, your mom's basement is safer.  For the rest of the population.  Carry on.

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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