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Joe G

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 24 2010,11:29   

Quote (Dr.GH @ Feb. 24 2010,11:25)
Quote (Tom Ames @ Feb. 24 2010,09:13)
You appear to have picked these papers based solely by title. You are an uneducated, ignorant blowhard.

And you are the face of intelligent design.

THAT'S why we don't want ID taught in science classes: the only people available to teach it are intellectual bankrupts such as yourself.

Actually, Joe just did a cut'n'paste from the linked creationist site/ tard mine. Obviously, he didn't read any real articles.


Please, by all means, tell us how your position explains alternative gene splicing.

And please provide the peer-reviewed paper(s) that support your explanation.

Chromosomes. are. all. connected. It is one long polymer. Called the DNA. - oleg t

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timmy Horton says YEC is science and evolutionism is nonsense

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