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Quote (dvunkannon @ Mar. 25 2011,15:48)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Mar. 24 2011,10:13)
Just thought I'd revive this thread, since it's about that time of year.

Give us your best shot ID students.  I'll put in a good word for you with Dr. Dr. if you give a unique (meaning never heard before) argument.

Unlikely there will be many takers, DDrr.. Dembski is not teaching Philo 4483 this semester.

Click through at the bottom of the page to Dembski's course schedule.

Bonus points for finding WmAD in the photo at the top of the page!

I see that Dembski's CV still lists Being as Communion as being in the "Books in Preparation" category. This is the non-book for which Dr. Dr. received a Templeton grant back in 2000. He apparently attempted a bait-and-switch, representing No Free Lunch as fulfillment of the Templeton agreement. Here's what a Templeton guy said in 2007:
In 2002, Dembski published No Free Lunch and requested a second installation payment on the Book Grant from the Templeton Foundation (Dembski, 2002).  In correspondence with him, he was told by me that this book did not fulfill his obligation to publish a work on metaphysics and theology as detailed in his book proposal entitled Being as Communion.  That book has still not been produced.

After reading that, I sent an email message to the alleged publisher asking about the target publication date. They responded thusly:
The title "Being as Communion" is not yet published.  It will be published in both a paperback edition & cloth edition.  The title has an anticipated publication date of June 2008.

I also emailed Dembski, asking him the same question. His response:
It'll be a while. Stay tuned. --WmAD

After June 2008 came and went, I re-queried the publisher and received no response.

Can I stop staying tuned now?   :O

Evolution is not about laws but about randomness on happanchance.--Robert Byers, at PT

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