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Quote (bjray @ April 25 2010,22:12)
Is it not apparent to some of you that what you accuse me of doing you also have done exactly the same thing? ie: You could replace me with any other creationists and still get the same conversation. There are many on your side of the argument and you all say similar things too.

The difference is we aren't trying to pass of handwaving bullshit as challenges to real science. There is a vast body of real science behind our position, which you could learn if only you put your mind to it. The problem is, whenever you've been confronted on any substantive point, you just go "oh I don't know the details" or jump to some new topic.

You have received some replies here that you might get from any semi-educated person (so yes, you could replace some of us with typical anti-creationists), but you've also been presented with detailed, specific responses to your claims by people who actually work in the fields in question. You've done nothing to reciprocate.

To summarize many of your posts: I'm ignorant,

Clearly demonstrated by your posts. Yes, you are ignorant of evolutionary theory, cosmology and paleontology at a minimum.

Note, there's nothing wrong with being ignorant. Everyone is ignorant of many things, and it's a curable condition. That brings us to the next point.

I need to read further before I make some outlandish claim.

Yup. It would be a good idea, if you don't wish to appear ignorant.

I'm a typical creationists.

Clearly demonstrated by your repetition of common, long refuted creationist nonsense (e.g. IC is a problem for evolution, speciation has never been observed, evolution can't explain morality) as well as your unwillingness to understand the topics you are making claims about.

I whine (which I never did, but nobody owned up to the fact that that was a false claim).

Maybe you have a different definition of whining. *shrug*

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