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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 19 2010,20:48   

Quote (Joy @ Feb. 19 2010,18:32)

I suspect that someone for whom the suppression and restoration of consciousness is a routine daily activity qualifies as an 'expert' on the phenomenon. At least, on how chemicals work to suppress consciousness and the specific cellular constructs they act upon to accomplish that.

To reiterate: consciousness and "free will" are not the same thing. (And understanding the practical application of anesthetic does NOT, I believe, impart any special understanding of the nature of free will.)


Now I'm confused. Are you saying that unconscious will is conscious will, or that unconscious will is an illusion too?

I thought you were saying that the presence of unconscious will (or, if you prefer, action that is initiated without conscious thought) necessarily implies the existence of conscious will. I don't think that follows.

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-Tom Ames

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