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Science is all about the objective, empirically-verifiable data; as well, science regards 'private revelation' as the worst sort of flaw. Religion, contrariwise, is all about subjective 'data', and prizes 'private revelation' above everything else. Science loves doubt; religion despises doubt. Science insists on empirical confirmation; religion says "thou shalt not put thy God to the test.
In other words: Science and religion damn well are incompatible -- and religion knows it. Which brings up one more difference between science and religion: If science had its druthers, science would be perfectly happy to ignore religion -- but the reverse is very definitely not true.

I am not impressed by lists of religious people who happen to do science, or of scientists who happen to be religious. If "see? these guys do BOTH science AND religion!" really were a valid argument in support of the argument that religion is compatible with science, all those Catholic priests who rape little children would be a valid argument in support of the proposition that Catholicism is compatible with raping little children.

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