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Addendum to previous post: I initially didn't remember where Lenny's website had been mirrored. How did I find the mirror? Good question, and the answer might be useful to other people, so here it is:
To begin with, I checked at the Internet Archive, whose purpose in life is to preserve backup copies of everything on the entire internet. I gave the Archive the URL for Lenny's now-gone site, and the Archive knew about it! Yay! I brought up the most recent version of the website, then tried one of the links on the recovered page, and that link pointed nowhere -- the Archive had saved only part of Lenny's website. Boo!
Take-home lesson: The Internet Archive is not perfect. Just because it preserved some of a website, doesn't mean it's got everything.
Okay, time to switch to Plan B -- Google. I copied a sentence -- Intelligent Design "theory" offers nothing new. All of its "scientific arguments" are just re-hashed versions of standard creation "science" arguments put out thirty years ago. -- from the Archive-recovered page; pasted said sentence into a Google searchbox; and the very first 'hit' was the mirror site I'd been seeking. Yay!

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