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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Nov. 04 2009,11:04)
Quote (FloydLee @ Nov. 04 2009,10:56)
Then, FL, you agree with Gonzalez that the universe is 13.7 billion years old.


Nope.  Not at all.   Fortunately, his cosmological ID hypothesis does not require agreement with old-age.  The fine-tuning appears whether you like "Old" or "Young."

So, once again you pick and choose.

Tell me FL, what requirement is there for fine-tuning when your deity made everything as is just 6000 years ago?

I mean, you seem to disagree with Gonzalez that the planet is fine tuned for life. You don't need to fine tune something when you can create it exactly as you require in the first place.

Gonzalez would not have been able to write the same book if he believed the earth was only 6000 years old, yet you somehow think that does not matter.


"amazing" is not the word I would use for FL's thought process.  pathetic-yes, amazing-no!

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