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Quote (JohnW @ Nov. 02 2009,16:22)
Quote (FloydLee @ Nov. 02 2009,14:07)
And in their book, Gonzalez and Richards specifically write about how to Falsify their ID hypothesis.
"The most decisive way to falsify our argument as a whole would be to find a distant and very different environment, which, while quite hostile to life, nevertheless offers a superior platform for making as many diverse scientific discoveries as does our local environment.

I went through this earlier, but here it is again for you to ignore a second time:

1.  How do we define "diverse scientific discoveries"?
2.  Can we count them?  If so, show us your list.
3.  How do we define "distant and very different environment"?
4.  How do we count the "diverse scientific discoveries" we haven't made, but which could be made elsewhere?

ETA: I agree with Heddle's "Al Sharpton" example also.  Gonzales and Richards are saying their hypothesis holds water unless we can say otherwise.  Similarly, if we watched Rev. Al long enough and closely enough, we might see him levitate a little bit.  Therefore there is no such thing as gravity.

I would add a #5:
How do you define a "superior platform"?

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