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Quote (FloydLee @ Nov. 02 2009,09:26)
Remember Floyd, you failed on showing how slavery isn't part and parcel of the bible.
And YOU remember, I showed that the Euro-American slavery show, clearly violated the Bible (including violating a death-penalty-level Biblical regulation).

And I also showed (direct quote, remember?) that the New Testament openly called for slaves to take any opportunity they got to free themselves from slavery.

(And you better believe the American black slaves did NOT ignore those Bible instructions!!)    :)

You are a troo liar for Jesus Floyd.  Releasing oneself from slavery and condemning slavery are two very different things.

It also showed that Christian slaves were to do this, the rest of the world be damned.

Yeas Floyd, the verses you quoted showed nothing about condemning slavery in the NT while the OT told a man how much they can cell their daughters for.  Yeah, you selectively read your bible and as far as you reading the bible "literally", that's another lie from you.

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