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Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 31 2009,19:33)
Yet I am a Christian who accepts evolution.  
You continue to claim that this is impossible.

Nope.  I have NOT said "this is impossible", not at all.  
(Remember the Pope?  Remember Nmgirl?  Do you need to check a few of the back pages, CM?  Sure looks like you do.)

Instead, what I have fully demonstrated, that "this is rationally and Scripturally inconsistent."

THAT was the point of the Incompatibility debate, CM.  Surely you get it by now?

what is "rational" about ignoring 200 years of scientific discoveries? You know FL, I think you need to get away from searching the web for people you can misquote and go into the real world.  maybe a dose of real geology or a trip to a real science museum would help, but I doubt it. Fortunately, I don't meet many people who are determined to remain stupid.

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