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Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 23 2009,10:28)
Do snakes talk?

Do donkeys talk?

Can a big fish swallow a person without killing him?

Can what an animal is looking at while mating affect the traits of the offspring?

All four of those items would require supernatural action.  But the Bible says all four events actually took place in history, all the same.  Literally.

But you don't believe the Bible on those items.

So tell me something  Henry.  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  You believe the Bible on THAT one?  Literally?  

I await your answer.

You know floyd, this isn't about anyone's faith or lack of faith.  You claim to have proved that Evolution is incompatible with christianity.  

You have failed.  Accept it and go on.  it is none of your business what anyone's faith is.  Act like a man, not a whiny 3 yr old.

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