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Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 20 2009,13:42)
Evolution by natural selection, you see, is an awful process. It is bloody, sadistic, and cruel.

That's the fifth incompatibility.

If "bloody sadistic and cruel" is incompatible with Christianity, then your god is incompatible. The bible is full of instances of god meting out bloody punishments on people who weren't responsible for the offense they were being punished for. This has already been pointed out.  If killing animals in a bloody, pointless fashion is wrong, how do you justify the flood ? Why didn't god just send a plague that killed of the sinful humans and leave the animals alone ?

But, as I said ealier, this is all irrelevant. Compatible or not, those hundreds of millions of years of death and suffering did happen, whether or not evolution is true. Unless you want to deny the ability of evidence to tell us anything about the past, that how it was. Once again, this isn't specifically about evolution Floyd, this is about reality.

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