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Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 14 2009,15:29)

So you have God "guiding evolution" but at the same time, making it look like evolution is "a completely mindless process" (EB3), therefore making the situation look as if he's trying to deceive us humans.

Not necessarily. Maybe he only wants the ones who are smart enough to figure it out. It's not like he doesn't have a history of "testing" people. Or maybe the whole thing is a divinely inspired metaphor. Or maybe god is just a sick fuck who gets off on killing and lying.

And since God's "guiding evolution", he must NECESSARILY also be guiding those cruel and sadistic aspects of evolution also---a gazillion years of "Nature Red in Tooth and Claw".  All that evolutionary bloodsport just to evolve the first humans.

It's hard to see how that's different from all the other stuff he supposedly did in your interpretation. Millions of years of death is incompatible with Christianity, but killing all but two (or seven or whatever) of everything on earth, just because humans were screwing up isn't ?

Or punishing all every living creature due to Adam and Eve fucking up ?


But that is all beside the point. The fossil record shows that those millions of years of slaughter did happen, before humans existed, regardless of whether evolution is the source of the diversity of life on earth.  The only way to get around this is to claim that god is deliberately deceiving us in a last-tuesdayish fashion. Yet you apparently deny a deceptive god. Once again, your problem isn't evolution, it's reality. Your particular interpretation of the bible isn't compatible with reality. Compared to this, the theological quibbles of reconciling some interpretation of the bible with evolution are minor.

Finally, notice that you didn't actually address the objection I raised. You claimed that various quotes from "evolutionists" showed that god is excluded from evolution, yet you didn't actually deny that the definition of god makes this a logical contradiction.

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