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Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 12 2009,16:42)

Yes.  Something that is said to be "not required" (i.e. God as creator or designer), is considered excludable.   You can drop God out of the biological origins situation altogether if you want to, and that's that.
But when you say something "could not exclude a role for God", then suddenly God becomes required for that particular something.  You don't get to drop Him.

Add the two positions together and you get an incompatibility.  The First Incompatibility, to be exact.

What a bizarre display of logic fail.

An omnipotent god cannot be excluded from anything by definition. You can discount the whole god hypothesis as not amenable to rational investigation and thus irrelevant, but even that doesn't exclude gods possible influence.

Evolution is a naturalistic theory which is sufficient to explain the available evidence. That does not, and by definition cannot, exclude the possibility of supernatural meddling. No amount of quotes from "evolutionists" can get around this. Either they are making an basic logical error, or (much more likely) you are misinterpreting them.

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