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Quote (Badger3k @ Oct. 08 2009,11:14)

Quote (Robin @ Oct. 08 2009,10:28)
Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 08 2009,09:12)

I wonder how FloydLee would feel if he stood before God and He told FL that ISLAM was the only true religion. Or Judaism. Or Hinduism. Or any other faith than the Christian one.

Sure, Dale, I'd be shocked if that kind of thing took place.  I think anyone with a working knowledge of John 3:16 would be visibly surprised.

Hmmmm...not really. Anyone with a real working knowledge of John 3:16 would realize they are just words on a page of paper that have no more or less significance that what one can find in any newspaper, paperback, encyclopedia, and comic book.

By the same token, we can point to the Koran, which contradicts John 3:16.  Or the Book of Mormon, the Rig Veda, etc, etc - why should we give any one credence over any other?  They all seem to have the same "evidence" for being true as each other, so they each seem to have the same probability of being true (I'd personally rate it as a fraction of a percent, but hey...).  Floyd pointing to his texts as reason to believe he is right is laughable to someone who does not already believe.[quote]

Quite so. The whole basis of religion (and this is pointed out quite often in the bible) is that such statements can only be taken faith as they have no objective basis that can be verified except that they "feel" right in one's heart. That there are those folks who insist that such claims can be checked objectively are merely demonstrating weakness of faith and a need for some support for their beliefs. Seems that Floyd has no faith at all if he's so concerned that his religion is eroded by science.

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