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Quote (Henry J @ Oct. 07 2009,14:35)
So, it's now established that some evolutionists have opinions about theology and teleology. So what?

FL seems to be under the strange delusion that statements from individual scientists form some kind scripture that all "evolutionists" must subscribe to.

Even more amusing to me however, is the fact that FL goes on and on about his "Big 5" which are basically theological quibbles based on a particular interpretation of the bible, and his "incompatibility" appears to mean "requires some dissonance to hold these views". All this while his own preferred interpretation (which he appears to believe is the only reasonable/correct interpretation) seems to require:
- All current animals (including humans) and all those in the fossil record living at the same time.
- A time when none of these animals were carnivores.
- A time when these animals existed, but there was no death.
- A global flood in historic times.

Incompatibility with evolution is the least of the problems with this FL. It's incompatible with reality. You don't just have to throw out evolution, you have to throw out basically all of geology, paleontology, cosmology,  and a large parts of biology, archeology, physics, chemistry, astronomy and even written history. For all these things to be wrong, you pretty much have to give up on the idea that rational evaluation of evidence is a valid way of learning about the universe. At that point, there is really no reason to argue against any specific scientific theory... you've thrown out entire concept of science. One might wonder how you square that with the spectacular success of the scientific method, but you've already given up on reason so I guess anything goes.

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