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Quote (FloydLee @ Oct. 06 2009,16:07)
If the Pope believes in Evolution and also believes that evolution is incompatible with Christianity, he must regularly experience a painful amount of cognitive dissonance.

Maybe yes, maybe no, I don't know.
But you can tell from the previous Pope quotations I offered in this thread that he's really, thoughtfully struggled with the issue.  

He has never retracted his own Required Explanation/Teleology/Intelligent-Project statements, and he did allow Cardinal Schoenborn to offer his own pro-ID challenge in the media some years ago.  That's courageous and thoughtful of him.

But, there IS a very serious dissonance involved with Christianity and Evolution.   You've already read the personal statements of five former Christians for whom that dissonance helped erode and corrode their Christian faith past the breaking point.  

It's no accident -- none at all -- that Jason Rosenhouse wrote at Evolutionblog that
"Reconciling evolution and Christianity is not as simple as theistic evolutionists often try to pretend."

---June 21, 2008

He's right.  That situation has to be taken mondo seriously.

Btw, Rosenhouse wrote something else too.  Consider well:
But you cannot reconcile evolution with Christianity simply by declaring that many people see no conflict.

The issue is whether they have a sound basis for their opinions.

----Rosenhouse, eSkeptic website, Oct 10, 2007

Dissonance.  Conflict.  Erosion.  Damage.  Think about it.  Even this generalized "the Pope accepts evolution" statement that some posters are advocating, doesn't take into account certain other serious items that he's said publicly.  

I think it's clear that there's a certain amount of cognitive dissonance taking place (although I don't know to what extent) taking place among the Christian TE's.  


Floyd the dissonance is all in your head.  A literal interpretation of genesis is not a requirement of being a christian. some of your cult members may believe it, but a large number of other christians beg to differ with you and don't suffer any cognitive dissonance. We have a pita from trying to talk to you, however.

And in response to your continuing attempts to prove the Catholic church does not support evolution, here is the latest from the NCSE website:

The latest on evolution from the Vatican
October 5th, 2009 International General 2009
A recently published statement on current scientific knowledge on cosmic evolution and biological evolution from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences concludes: "The extraordinary progress in our understanding of evolution and the place of man in nature should be shared with everyone. ... Furthermore, scientists have a clear responsibility to contribute to the quality of education, especially as regards the subject of evolution." The statement appears in the proceedings of "Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life," a plenary session of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences held from October 31 to November 4, 2008.

Nobel laureate Christian de Duve summarized the plenary session: "The participants unanimously accepted as indisputable the affirmation that the Universe, as well as life within it, are the products of long evolutionary histories," noting that there was also wide agreement among the participants on the common ancestry of life on earth. "Evolution," he added, "has acquired the status of established fact. In the words of His Holiness John Paul II, it is 'more than a hypothesis'." The centrality of natural selection to evolution was also recognized, although de Duve acknowledged "the need to refine some of the conceptual bases" of natural selection "in the light of recent findings."

"On the other hand," De Duve added, "no one, at least among the scientists, defended the recently advocated theory of 'intelligent design' ... Several of the arguments cited in support of this theory were shown to ignore recent findings. In particular, the theory was rejected as intrinsically non-disprovable, resting, as it does, on the a priori contention, neither provable nor disprovable, that certain events cannot be naturally explained. These views did not satisfy some theologians who stressed the role of design in creation, an affirmation which, in turn, raised the questions of where and how design is manifested. The issue was not settled during the meeting."

"Intelligent design" was also the topic of Maxine Singer's contribution to the plenary session. Singer traced the history of the antievolution movement in the United States, from Scopes-era attempts to ban the teaching of evolution, through the McLean, Edwards, and Kitzmiller cases, to the present spate of "academic freedom" bills such as Louisiana's, which "permits teachers to speak of evolution as 'controversial' and is an invitation to teachers to present alternative, nonscientific explanations." She added, "The young governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, signed the bill, making it law although he had been a biology major at Brown University."

"Intelligent design is one of the more recent subterfuges used to try to get creationist idea into school science curricula," Singer explained. Its proponents "say their methods are scientific. But they do not describe experiments or systematic observations and do not publish in recognized, peer-reviewed journals." In the face of resistance to evolution exemplified by "creation science" and "intelligent design," Singer concluded, "we are unlikely to convince those who view their religious faith as in fundamental conflict with scientific evolution. ... The most important task for scientists and the only one that has a chance to succeed is assuring that science and evolution are taught properly in school science classes."

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