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Quote (Stanton @ Oct. 02 2009,20:53)
Quote (deadman_932 @ Oct. 02 2009,20:25)
The last time you were asked to address {the problem of the Pope}, you wound up making a complete fool of yourself and slinking away without actually addressing it, Floyd.

You've been asked to address it many times, Floyd -- say, nearly a dozen or so times. It was in my very first post to YOU here, Floyd -- WEEKS ago.  

Yet, you've never managed to respond directly to this, Floyd (save the aformentioned debacle when you crawled away).

So...Why is that, Floyd?

That's because FL is here solely to preach at us with lies and distortions about how the only path to God is through believing that God magically and mysteriously poof everything and everyone on Earth into existence in grotesque contrast to the evidence, not to discuss anything, let alone discuss anything in a truthful manner.

Stanton, I hate to tell you you're wrong. FL is here to tell us that he is the only person on this planet who speaks for God.  And until everyone accepts him as the second coming of Christ, he will just keep on blathering.

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