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Quote (FloydLee @ Sep. 29 2009,09:48)
Also Nmgirl, I wanted to really thank you for at least being willing to tell me about your personal Christians beliefs, in response to my sincere request for pro-evolution Christians on this thread to offer their own personal theology so that we could see if there was "no discernable dissonance" between it and evolution.

I know about three people in this thread who have identified themselves in the past as "Christians" on PandasThumb, but they have seemingly all punted on this one.  
(Again, I'm reviewing the pages to see if I missed explanations of other personal theologies from any other professing Christians.  If so, let me know folks.)  

So far, Nmgirl, you are the only professing Christian with enough faith and/or courage to even say what you believed & not believed.

You know what I really believe, Nmgirl?  With the exception of some headliners like Francis Collins, Pope Benedict, etc., the great majority of Christian evolutionists are honestly SCARED to discuss and debate the Incompatibility issue within evolution forums that are clearly dominated by secular evolutionists, such as PT and AtBC and FRDB.
Perhaps these Christians are afraid that in a secular pro-evolution environment, they could possibly wind up "getting it from both sides" or something, so they avoid putting their actual beliefs on the table where a few of the seculars might suddenly decide to analyze and critique those Christian beliefs themselves, on top of a YEC like me offering an "discernable dissonance" analysis on the opposite end.

(Hmmm.  "Getting it from both sides" has actually happened on PandasThumb before, come to think of it.  I suppose that could make many a Christian evolutionist quite skittish and nervous.)


flattery will get you no where.  answer the bloody questions.

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