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Quote (FloydLee @ Sep. 16 2009,03:22)
Okay, let's start winding down for the night.  Let's address posts by Reed and by Dale:

For Reed:  You're right, we do need to start defining what is meant by the term "evolution", although you can see from some of the quotations that evolutionists themselves do not always do so.

Evolution comes in two flavors, micro-evolution and macro-evolution.  So if there is any question about things, I will be using the definitions given by the standard (and currently used) high-school and university textbook "Biology" by Campbell and Reece, 7th edition, c2005.

Evolutionary change below the species level, change in the genetic makeup of a population from generation to generation.

Evolutionary change above the species level, including the appearance of major evolutionary developments, such as flight, that we use to define higher taxa.

Campbell-Reece's definition of macroevolution is consistent with what Scott Freeman-Jon Herron offers in their Evolutionary Analysis textbook, so I will include that definition as well:

Large evolutionary change, usually in morphology;
typically refers to the evolution of differences among populations that would warrant their placement in different genera or higher-level taxa.


Interestingly, neither definition Floyd cited implied different underlying mechanisms for microevolution and macroevolution.


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