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Quote (FloydLee @ April 22 2010,11:19)
You see that?  Cheryl's busted now.  

Her own scan-page reveals that she actually NEVER acknowledged that I correctly identified one important problem with the textbook while openly retracting my other statement.  

Instead she tried to duck and dodge, (but apparently forgot that her own scan-page was right there to tell the truth on her as well as me.)

She's busted? For disagreeing with you?

As I understand it, Floyd, csadams merely disagrees with your assertion that there is an "important problem" with the textbook.  She said so over a year ago and just repeated herself yesterday.

Look, Floyd, it has been pointed out to you multiple times that high school biology students lack the necessary understanding of biochemistry that is required to grasp the problems with the RNA world hypothesis. The textbook in question clearly emphasizes the tentative nature of the hypothesis and leaves it to the teacher to go more in depth if the students can handle it.

Why don't you just admit it, Floyd? No scientifically-accurate textbook could ever satisfy you because you only want to focus on what we DON'T know, not on what we DO know. Obviously, your goal is to raise unreasonable doubts in the minds of students so that they will be more likely to fall back on the non-scientific explanations they hear from their pastors and from cowardly, hypocritical liars like you.

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