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Quote (deadman_932 @ Sep. 14 2009,12:58)
FL stated that "Evolution is incompatible with Christianity." Period. No qualifiers.

Given that Behe and Dembski both accept that differing degrees of evolutionary change have already occurred, that would seem to indicate that both are also not Christians.

Yet they would (and do) say otherwise.

Interesting point, or as interesting as it gets in this dismal little exercise.

Even most of the loony YECs admit to "microevolution". In fact many (Ken Ham for example) have evolution from the original "kinds" on the ark to present diversity happening unrealistically fast. If you can go from original "canid kind" to dogs, wolves, coyotes and foxes (!) in 4000 years, it's hard to see what the objection would be to an original hominid "kind" diverging into chimps and humans over a period more than a thousand times longer.

If FL were actually interested dialog (yeah right), he'd do well to define what he means by evolution and christian up front.

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