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Quote (fusilier @ Sep. 10 2009,07:55)
Quote (Dan @ Sep. 10 2009,07:19)
FL claims, on another thread, that he wants to use this forum to address the topic of whether

Evolution is Incompatible with Christianity

Since FL is posting claims not arguments, let me help him out with a very simple argument:

1. The Pope is a Christian.

2. The Pope holds that evolution happens.


Over on CARM, FL posts as "mellotron,"  where his most recent tactic has been to imply* he is black, and assert he knows "Darwinism => racism" when he sniffs it.

Most often, he says that the Pope really isn't a Christian - although some Catholics he knows might be.

While the Pope is clearly Christian, I would argue that he's no true Scotsman.

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